Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The love life, how it started

We've all been in a relationship; either serious or not.  I always flirted with girls towards the end of middle school and beginning high school years.  Relationships weren't my thing back then, I just wanted to have fun, chill with my friends and mess with girls; not really sexually, just flirting.  This all soon changed after sophomore year, during that summer, a friend of mine was talking to this girl, who he later on introduced me to her.  Him and her started dating, and I became friends with her.  He left her in less than a week and kind of came on to me to talk to.  We started talking for months, then it came to the point when I would always see her in school.  I had feelings for her, deep feelings.  She wasn't like any other girl friend(just friend) I had before; my knees actually gave in and at times I would not know what to say.  I went over once to meet her parents and hang out with her and her best friend, who was a gay guy.  We all had a good time and went to the mall. I had left my book bag at her house since we walked to her house from our school.  On Sunday, I went over to get it, knocked on the door and she answered and invited me in.  She was alone; we stood there for a bit, I did not know what to say, but she went and grabbed my book bag.  I received it and put it down, she looked at me kind of confused, I looked her in the eyes and said "would you like to go out with me?" she smiled so happily and replied with a "yes!".  We hugged... then kissed.    


  1. high school memories... wish I could re-live those years, they were awesome

  2. They were, I miss them. Life outside of high school is lonely sometimes, I enjoyed seeing my friends, and other people in school.